For over 30 years, Jeri Cohen has serviced NYC's most exclusive clientele. With an unmatched eye for the world's best designed jewelry creations, and an exquisite sense of customer service and appreciation, an experience with Jeri remains one of Manhattan's best kept secrets.

Be it working women, professional men, or a familiar famous face, everyone gets Jeri's personal and special treatment when they walk into her world.

The Jeri Cohen Fine Jewelry collections feature jewelry that is beautiful and wearable, perfect for the modern-day woman on the move. Her collections offer a great deal of versatility-the same piece can be worn with a cocktail dress or paired with a less formal button-up and jeans. Specializing in diamond jewelry as well as other precious stones, Jeri has gained notoriety over the years for her beautifully crafted engagement rings, most pieces have been custom-designed alongside her clientele. Jeri's signature Butterfly collection has made appearances in New York, Hampton¹s and Town & Country magazines. Jeri settles for nothing less than absolute perfection.

"Nothing leaves my store unless it is absolutely perfect."

This personal philosophy is at the core of her outward devil-may-care attitude, obsession for all things pug, irreverent sense of humor and a love of making people, and her animals, happy. 

But Jeri is at ease with her own contradictions.

"Life is short, people should surround themselves with good people. If they can't find any, animals won't ever fail you!"  quips Jeri.


You don’t have to be a socialite to be well-dressed and feel like you¹re on top of the world!