All diamonds are forged deep in the Earth to create an eternal marriage of light and beauty. 

Diamonds number in the billions, but like the stars in the heavens each possesses unique qualities of carat size, color, clarity and cut. Grading these gems was once strictly subjective, however in the late-20th Century the diamond market predominantly adopted the GIA's standards to rate diamonds according to the 4Cs, allowing customers and dealers to communicate through the same language.

In ancient times gem dealers based carat weight on the carob bean, which were the same size throughout the Mediterranean, so that a five-carat diamond weighed five carob beans, although in 1871 the British discovered that on other side of the sea the carobs weighed 0.1885 grams and on the other side the carob weighed 0.215 grams. After the establishment of the Old English Weights and Measures the carat weight was rounded out to 0.200 grams and that number remains true throughout the world.

The best diamonds resemble droplets of river water sparkling in sunshine and the colorlessness runs from D down to the more brownish-yellow tones of L to Z colors or what are called Cape stones by members of the diamond trade.. Diamond merchants get top dollar for D-E-F stones, but the differentiation between colors i.e. G or H  or F-G is very subtle to the naked eye and even the GIA is not infallible when it comes to color, so many times an astute buyer can find a 'good' H the color of a G and be rewarded with a fine stone at a lower price. 

Clarity is another important factor in the grading of a diamond, which are rated as follows

F for Flawless, IF for Internally flawless, VVS for Very Very Small Inclusions, VS for Very Small Inclusions, SI for Slightly Included followed by I or Included.

Once more there are good SIs thanks to the gem cutters' skill of hiding a diamond's inclusions in the faceting of the stone.

Lastly, but more the least important the cut of a diamond determines the brilliance of a gem stone.

On many occasions a diamond broker will lay out several diamonds and the fire radiating from one stone will overpower the others and its scintillation is owed the cut and at Jeri Cohen Jewelry we have spent many years studying diamonds to provide our clientele with the best possible diamonds.

Our collection covers every shape, color, clarity, and cut as well as carat weight.

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